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I am a PhD candidate at EPFL supervised by Prof. Martin Jaggi in the Machine Learning and Optimization lab. I work closely with Andreas Loukas on graph related topics. I received my Bachelor and Master degrees in Communication Systems from EPFL.

My research interests include unsupervised knowledge extraction, graph neural networks, natural language processing and distributed optimization.


On the Relationship between Self-Attention and Convolutional Layers
Jean-Baptiste Cordonnier, Andreas Loukas and Martin Jaggi.
ICLR 2020 • PDFCodeBlogExploreSlidesBibTex @inproceedings{ cordonnier2020on, title={On the Relationship between Self-Attention and Convolutional Layers}, author={Jean-Baptiste Cordonnier and Andreas Loukas and Martin Jaggi}, booktitle={International Conference on Learning Representations}, year={2020}, url={} }

Extrapolating Paths with Graph Neural Networks
Jean-Baptiste Cordonnier and Andreas Loukas.
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Sparsified SGD with Memory
Sebastian U. Stich, Jean-Baptiste Cordonnier and Martin Jaggi.
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Convex Optimization using Sparsified SGD with Memory
Jean-Baptiste Cordonnier.
Master thesis EPFL • PDFBibTex @article{Cordonnier:262760, title = {Convex Optimization using Sparsified Stochastic Gradient Descent with Memory}, author = {Cordonnier, Jean-Baptiste}, pages = {49 pages}, year = {2018}, url = {}, }

Avalanche Accidents Visualization
Jean-Baptiste Cordonnier, Brune Bastide and Arnaud Lesimple.
AMLD 2018 • Website
Best project award in Applied Data Analysis course

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You can consult my CV or check out my activity on Github and my LinkedIn profile. Don't hesitate to drop me an email.